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danafawn.  My signature comes from my first and middle names; my given name is Dana Fawn Griffith. I  was born in the piney woods of east Texas in 1981, and am an Air Force veteran.  A graduate of William Carey University with a bachelor of social science and a minor in psychology qualifies me to know enough to be dangerous.  

I started pursuing oil painting upon my eldest sister's insistence at the age of 29. Painting quickly became my favorite way to explore the world around me. I don’t stick to one medium and am quick to use watercolor or acrylic as it suits each piece of artwork.   This new passion proved to be a way to mindfully notice, observe, and participate in the present instead of being stuck in the past. 

As a free spirit with a love of travel and people, I've chosen to let life be my teacher. I've traveled to many places, (namely: Europe, South and Central America, Asia,and Israel) and called some of them "home", yet all have been an inspiration to my eclectic style.


My favorite subjects are flowers and pelicans which let me explore my surroundings with an artist's eye. I've always preferred to be immersed in the local art community; choosing to learn along-side other artists rather than limit myself to the walls of a classroom, and I welcome the guidance of other artists.

I believe in the saying, "art is a way," and strive to be fearlessly artful. Jacksonville, Florida is my home now.  I am married to Attorney Robin Hood, who specializes in Veteran Benefit Claims and sees the beauty in restoring antique vehicles.  He is the puzzle piece that completes me.