It’s one of my natural abilities.

I seize any moment I can to share my love of art with any open mind.  My beginnings at teaching started as a volunteer assistant to the owner of Artworks Studios in Brandon, Mississippi.  I enjoy giving lessons to my nieces and nephews on family get togethers and have taken a couple of home schooled kids under my wing.  The only rule is that there are no rules in art!  I  create a fun experience while emphasizing the basic guidelines of behavior like respect and patience.   

Different Mediums

One fun lesson covers the use of wax by making fun shapes out of melted crayons and then of course drawing with them.   Another lesson covers watercolor and the value scale while utilizing “a barrel of monkeys.”  Then there are the unforgettable splatter acrylic paint days.  There are so many ways to make art.  I emphasize using art to see the world with a thoughtful mind.

Contact Me

Don’t be afraid to reach out and contact me if I can help out your cause or charity or if you’d like more information.


Jacksonville, Florida 32218, United States

(904) 923-3262

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Monthly lessons

1.5 hour lessons 4 days a month

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