My passion is art, but not my profession.  Art keeps me sane.  I am a disabled United States Air Force Veteran and have had to let go of the daily work grind.  Kayaking with “Heroes on the Water” gives me the opportunity to center myself and appreciate our beautiful planet.   It also allows me to connect and fellowship and support other disabled veterans.



My family is small but mighty.  I adore and support my husband’s career (fighting for our nation’s veteran benefits.).  This requires frequent travel all over the USA and demands flexibility and long road trips.



I enjoy helping others discover their talents, meeting new people, discovering different cultures, teaching, singing, and creating things.  I like thinking, new ideas and creative out of the box solutions.  I want to be remembered for integrity, strength and one who loved people in a radically selfless way.  As a servant, I encourage and enable others to achieve their goals.  As a leader, I follow truth so that those who follow me will always reach beyond themselves.  My ultimate goal is to share love through creative ways.  I love to make people smile.